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About Us

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Why Learn With Us?
World-Class Mentors
Get taught by industry experts having years of experience in their respective fields apart from having cracked various top tech companies worldwide.
One-on-One Mentorship
Students will have mentors who will help them with their doubts, provide guidance, and help them out 24×7.
Wherever You Go
Join a network of thousands of students from across the globe to support our motive of Learn, Connect, and Grow!
Top-Notch LIVE Lectures
Join our three-month-long series of LIVE lectures with top mentors, recorded sessions, and teaching assistants.

Who We Are?


JUZZ-IT Education is a Biggest Platform Certified by an International Standard Organization (ISO 9001-2015) and Teacher Scientists Network (TSN) 

Accredited By:  EUAS- Euro Universal Accreditation Systems.

We collaborate with industry experts to provide students with practical industry-relevant experience
and create a new standard for engineering education.
The demand for highly skilled engineers is witnessing a sharp increase as global companies – large and small – become increasingly dependent on technological advancements. However, there is a growing
disconnect between the traditional engineering curriculum and the skills required by the industry,
signaling the significant gap between the skills the industry expects versus that possessed by the
engineering graduates.

What We Do?


What we do is we enroll students and we train them around eight months. They spend 500 to 600
hours on these tools and work on at least 35+ projects during this time period and build a portfolio that
they can showcase to that potential recruiter and get recruited. At the end of the day, for a student to
become a very good engineer he needs to work on projects, and that’s what we focus on. We help them
work on industry-relevant projects that will enable them to become a better engineer.

Unlock your full potential and shape a brighter future with our transformative courses. Join our community of eager learners today and embark on a journey of knowledge, growth, and limitless possibilities.