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Professional certification Program in Digital Marketing

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The Indian marketing ecosystem has seen an exponential rise with social media taking a tight grip over the common masses along with the traditional mainstream media. We are at an exciting juncture in the business and economic history of India and need to market our products in the best way possible to compete with multiple players in the market. As more products are being launched every day, there is an increased demand for qualified, well-rounded marketers to take them to the market in the most effective way.

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Course Overview:


Welcome to the Professional Certification Program in Digital Marketing! This comprehensive 180-day course is designed for experienced marketers and digital enthusiasts seeking to take their digital marketing skills to the next level. With over 20 years of industry and teaching experience, our expert instructors will guide you through advanced digital marketing strategies, data-driven decision-making, advanced SEO, advanced social media marketing, and more. By the end of this program, you will have acquired in-depth knowledge and practical expertise to develop and implement sophisticated digital marketing campaigns for maximum impact and ROI.

Course Objectives:


– Master advanced digital marketing concepts and strategies.

– Develop data-driven decision-making skills for marketing optimization.

– Understand advanced search engine optimization (SEO) and website optimization techniques.

– Implement advanced social media marketing campaigns for brand building and engagement.

– Explore advanced email marketing and marketing automation.


Course Structure:


The 180-day program is divided into ten modules, each focusing on advanced concepts in digital marketing:

– Analyzing market trends and customer behavior

– Creating data-driven marketing strategies- Advanced competitive analysis

– Developing long-term marketing goals and KPIs

– Advanced keyword research and analysis

– Technical SEO for large websites

– Local and international SEO strategies

– Mobile SEO and voice search optimization

– Advanced Google Ads (AdWords) techniques

– Facebook Ads Manager optimization

– Display advertising and retargeting

– Budget optimization and bid strategies

– Advanced social media advertising (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram)

– Social media analytics and insights

– Social media community management

– Influencer marketing strategies

– Advanced email segmentation and personalization

– A/B testing for email campaigns

– Automated email flows and lead nurturing

– Deliverability and spam management

– Developing a content marketing plan

– Creating engaging and shareable content

– Content promotion and distribution tactics

– Measuring content marketing ROI

– Advanced Google Analytics and other web analytics tools

– Analyzing marketing data for insights

– Data visualization and reporting

– Using data to drive marketing decisions

– A/B testing and multivariate testing

– Website usability and user experience (UX) improvements

– Landing page optimization

– CRO tools and best practices

– Mobile app marketing and user acquisition

– Mobile-friendly website optimization

– SMS and push notification strategies

– Advanced marketing automation platforms

– Integrating marketing automation with CRM systems

– Lead scoring and lead management


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